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Welcome to "C.A.S.E."! Your review and referral site for the best in outdoor "Camping and Survival Equipment". We started CASE right here in beautiful Kingston Washington and have hand picked important gear to help you, your friends, and family in camping, outdoor and emergency situations. We also are bringing you items for power outages, security, and many other emergencies. We started this C.A.S.E. after we had spent hours finding these items in various areas of many different sites for ourselves, and wanted to make the ability to find the main products people really need and would actually use in one spot. We find the top consumer reviewed (generally 4 stars and higher) gear available from around the web and around the world, and bring you the best from sites like Amazon, EBay and Ali Express together in one spot to save you time. Here you can find well reviewed instant tents, boots, survival food, survival and emergency kits (go bags or bug out bags) and more. Everyone should have emergency kits and one of these bags at home and another in their car. You won't remember to move it from home to car and back again so just go ahead and get two, wherever you get them from. If you get them through us you will get a top rated kit at no additional cost to you. We may receive a small fee from Amazon or other sites as an affiliate to support costs of this site, but the prices are the same. In fact you will be directed directly to the selling site when you click through to the product. We hope you enjoy the selections as they are truly great items and with sites like Amazon that sell them, there is fast and easy ordering and shipping! Thank you for shopping with us! Guy Mitchell C.A.S.E. Camping and Survival Equipment Backpacks Easy Pop up Tents Boots Emergency Kits Bug out Bags Emergency Food Emergency Tools First Aid Kits Pet Protection Surveillance Equipment Car Emergency Kits And Much More!