Outdoor Camping Waterproof 4 Person Folding Tent Camouflage Hiking Family Travel





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New 4 Person Outdoor Camping Waterproof 4 Season Family Tent Camouflage Hiking


1.Popular digital, camouflage colors, you can enjoy integration of nature

2.Simple and convenient operation

3.Good waterproof, rainproof performance, allowing you to fall asleep in the rain;

4.High-density design, anti-mosquitoes, flies, etc.

5.The top of the mesh skylights, good ventilation

6.Equipped with storage bag, it is Convenience to place a variety of small objects

equipped tent lights hanging ring, allowing you to use lighting, and other items can be hung.


Size:200*200*130cm (78.74 x 78.74 x 51.18inch) (L x W x H),

Carry bag size: 60*20*15(CM)/23.6*7.87*5.9(INCH)

The material of the bottom:150D Oxford cloth pu2000

Upper Material :210T polyester water repellent pu200

Lining Material: 190T Breathable Cloth

Bar: 0.27inch glass fiber scaffold

Capacity:3-4 people

Weight: 1.5kg/ 3.3lbs

Outer tent waterproof coefficient:1000mm(include)-1500mm(not contain )

Bottom tent waterproof coefficient:1500mm(include)-2000mm(not contain)

Package included

1 * Camping Tent

4 * Ground Nails

2 * Tent Pole

1 * Carry Bag

1.We accept PayPal only
2.All payments must be received within 10 days after auction won
3.Non-pay bidder will get a negative feedback and an unpaid alert from eBay
4.E-checks via Paypal will be hold until it is cleared

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