Waterproof 3-4 People Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent Green Camping Hiking Tent




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3-Person Tent Outdoor Waterproof Pop Up Camping Shelter Hiking Traveling


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  • Easy to set up: unfold the tent and pick it from the peak to spread it like an umbrella 

  • Includes a removable rainfly for protection from the elements which doubles as a canopy 

  • Large enough to accommodate 3 people 

  • Durable fabric is made to last season after season 

  • Pre-attached poles, hubs and fast-fit feet allow for instant set-up and take-down 

  • Features 2 doors for great views and ventilation 

  • Attachment point inside the tent lets you place the light 

  • A Carry bag included for convenient transport and storage 

  • Neatly stash your small items in mesh storage pockets sewn into the walls 

  • 2 large D-shaped doors allow for easy entry and smooth closure  

  • Total insect protection with ultra fine mesh 

  • Ideal for camping on campground, park, beach, near the lake or river 

  • Perfect for quick family campers, group campers, car campers and festival, hiking and backpacking adventures 


The Finether 3-Person Dome Tent with Removable Rainfly makes setup and takedown a breeze, allowing you to spend more time doing the outdoor things you love. It features a spacious interior, is built from rugged materials and includes an integrated rainfly for protection from the elements which doubles as a canopy. With the pre-attached poles, all it takes is 60 seconds to unfold, extend and you’re done! It makes camping easy, so you can focus on the fun. 


Frame: automatic solid fiber 

Inner Fabric: 190T waterproof polyester, ultra-fine mesh  

Flysheet Fabric: 190T waterproof polyester 

Groundsheet Fabric: waterproof oxford cloth  

Overall Dimensions: 6.9 ft W x 5.9 ft D x 4.3 ft H (210 cm W x 180 cm D x 130 cm H) 

Net Weight: 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg) 

Package Includes: 

1x Finether 3-Person Dome Tent 

1x Carry Bag 


  1. Orders processed within 12-24 hours of payment verification.Usually 3-7 Days delivered ( On Sundayis our rest day).
  2. Before buying, Please make sure your PayPal and eBay address is correct. If not, please correct it before payment.if you want me send the item to another address,please send me a message.
  3. If you have not received your shipment within 40 days from payment, please contact us. We will track the shipment and get back to you as soon as possible with a reply. Our goal is customer satisfaction!
  4. Due to stock status and time differences, we will choose to ship your item from our first available warehouse for fast delivery.
  5. Many of our products have overseas warehouses, including Australian warehouses, American warehouses.
  1. We accept only PayPal payment
  2. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor PayPal.(* If you use e-check on PayPal, delivery may take longer, as we will hold your order until your e-check clear)
  3. Payment must be received within 7 business days of auction closing.
  4. Please make sure your PayPal and eBay address is correct. If not, please correct it before payment. Thank you.
  5. Custom duties, taxes, or charges are not included in the cost you pay to us.
  6. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/ buying.

  1. If you are not satisfied when you receive your item, please return it within 30 days for a replacement or money back. Please contact me before you return it.
  2. Defective items Must Be reported and returned to us within the warranty period (and in the original packaging, if possible). You must tell us what the defect is and give us your eBay ID.
  3. Return shipping is to be paid by the Buyer.
  4. We act as a responsible seller; we are willing to actively undertake the following responsibilities:
    a. The item is lost during transit;
    b. The item is damaged during transport;
    c. Due to our work errors, transporting the wrong items to the buyer;
    d. The item in the actual use of the process of quality problems.

Very appreciated for your support. I hope you are happy with your purchase.

We maintain high standards of excellence and strive for 100% customer satisfaction! Feedback is very important to us.

We request that you contact us immediately BEFORE you give us or feedback, so that we can satisfactorily address your concerns.

If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us via ebay message, we will reply your email within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays). We will do our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

We appreciate your continued patience and willingness to work with us. Thank you for choosing us and have a great day!

  1. Welcome to my shop,We offer an extensive range of products selected by our professionals.superiority in details and quality is a high priority. We also have a high-standard team, qualified by authorized organizations to ensure products are of the highest quality.
  2. As an internet seller, we collaborate with excellent international transport companies, we have our own warehouses, offering the most convenient delivery service possible. On-time shipping and reliable quality control are key areas of importance in our shop.
  3. We are increasingly expanding international markets based on high quality products, excellent service, reasonable priceboas and timely delivery. Please contact us at any time for more information.We work hard to make sure EVERY CUSTOMER 100% approvingly.

Featured Product 
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Additional information


Glass Green


Pull rope type glass fiber automatic frame



Surface Finish

Please Update The Lookup List "Surface Finished – UD" And Upload






190T Polyester Cloth PU3000


YT-gd OTP-18GR


UV Proof,Water-Proof,Ultralight,Waterproof


3-4 Person Seating Down / 2-3 Person Lying Down


Pop Up

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